Become a Member

How to become a member:   In order to be a member, you must have a big heart, a sense of humor, and care about children!  This year, as a result of the COVID -19 forcing us to cancel our regular summer fundraising, the Idiots Club is asking prospective members to help us by purchasing an Annual Membership Package as opposed to just a Membership Card.

The Membership Package is $32.00 which includes an Idiots Club membership card, a shirt, a lanyard, a bottle koozie, a can koozie, and shipping. We have $7,200.00 in  tee shirts and tank tops that were going to be sold at cancelled, summer fundraising events. (see Membership Package on Merchandise Page)

Memberships run May through April of the next year.  You must renew your membership annually to remain an “Idiot” in good standing!

There is an ANNUAL KICKOFF MEETING in April when attendance is mandatory…expected…encouraged…you get the picture, we want you to attend. 🙂

Members are not nagged or expected to be actively involved in the Charity!  However, if members ask to volunteer, their help is greatly appreciated!!

Contact information:  Email: